Monday, June 15, 2009

Mandated Chinese Internet Filter Software Uses Pirated Code

Last week I posted about the "Green Dam-Youth Escort" software that is to be installed in every new PC sold in China. Well, according to Hot Hardware, it appears that the software uses pirated code from CyberSitter:
According to Solid Oak Software, the makers of CyberSitter, one of the more popular Internet-filtering programs, not only does Green Dam look similar to CyberSitter, it uses DLLs identified with CyberSitter, and even gets updates from Solid Oak's servers.
The article also points out that a University of Michigan study shows that the software contains security vulnerabilities.

This leave PC makers and OEM vendors in a tricky spot. By entering the market and selling in China, they must assist in distributing the pirated code. What is the solution?

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